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What People Trade For A GOLDEN EGG! | ROBLOX Adopt Me

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What People Trade For A GOLDEN EGG! | ROBLOX Adopt Me

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Hey guys! In this video we are going to see what trades we get for a GODLEN EGG! Enjoy!



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~Questions I often get~

•What's your username?

--It's IAmIceCreamGaming, make sure to follow me!

•Can you please accept my friend request?

--I'm really really sorry but I have so many friend requests and I can't friend everyone even if i wish i could, I only friend people for other reasons like collab or trades.

•Can I do a video with you/ Can I join a video/ Can we collab?

--Maybe, but i dont know how long it will take for me to add you because i get so many comments like this and I am trying to do videos with people, but i will rarely do anymore so it will be fair for everyone. If you have a channel with more than 500 subscribers, your request will be considered more carefully.

•Can I have a unicorn/dragon/neon pet/ diamonds ect.?

--It depends because i'm not that rich and it takes me ages to get some stuff.

•What editor do you use?

--I use either Inshot from mobile or IMovie and Kapwing from PC.

*All the music I use in my videos does not belong to me. It belongs to its rightful owners. Credit will be given in description as many times as possible.*

Songs: Beach - MBB


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