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Valir Mage Hero Part.8 - Mobile Legend Live Streaming 2020.

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Valir Mage Hero Part.8 - Mobile Legend Live Streaming 2020.

95 Просмотры

Welcome to my Channel. Yes! Valir Mage Hero Part.8 - My Mobile Legend Live Streaming2020.

I loved playing Mobile Legend this is pass time to ease my boredom.


My regular time Live Stream FRI-SAT-SUN PH Time: 9AM and KSA Time: 4:00AM
I really appreciated your supports. To those you want to join the game, just send me your ML ID name, so I can add you.
I hope we can play ML very soon. or Please add me:
Here my info.
ML ID Name: Everton.Zeus@55
IGN #237287400 (3529)

Let's grow and support each other guys!🤗
More Blessings, more Subscribers and more Friends.
Happy gaming baby!!!

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