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Treasure, Collection and Mining Point in Roaring Gorge | Light of Thel

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Treasure, Collection and Mining Point in Roaring Gorge | Light of Thel

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This is a video guide for finding treasure, collection and mining point at roaring gorge in light of thel mobile game for maximize the exploration level

You can get silver and items from treasure,

If you want to finish your exploration level you not only finish side quest, main quest but you also need to find treasure, collection point and mining point too
To check exploration level you can open map - look at top left corner - tap "!" for more detail

So here's the list :
1. 1:26
2. 1:50
3. 2:13
4. 2:33
5. 2:56
6. 3:18
7. 3:41
8. 4:03

Mining point
1. 0:39
2. 1:03

Collection point
1. 0:00
2. 0:17

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Roaring Gorge

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As always i hope you enjoyed ;)
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