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Trade Stocks using Mobile Phone | Tagalog

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Trade Stocks using Mobile Phone | Tagalog

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Minsan may advatanges ang merong mobile app ang iyong stock broker lalo na kung hindi ka lagi nakaharap sa computer, o nasa labas ka ng bahay. In this video let's take a walkthrough sa mobile trading platform ng isang stock broker dito sa Pilipinas.

In this Channel, I do upload Stock Market 101, Stock Market Terminologies, Tutorials check the playlist below;

also, I do upload Technical Analysis, Trading Strategies and Learnings from my Trading Journal, check the playlist below;

and lastly Trading Psychology

These are the skills that Investors and traders can use in their stock market journey in Philippine Stock Market as well in International Markets that are being traded in ETORO.

This channel focus on Stock Market Beginners or Aspiring Investor and Trader with Little to No Knowledge.

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