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Top 17 Most Visually Impressive Games On Android & iOS 2020

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Добавлено Аndroid

Top 17 Most Visually Impressive Games On Android & iOS 2020

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New best high graphic Android & iPhone games of 2020 l VinIsHere

Join in to support my channel! (As people have different taste in games, joining this will me continue & create videos in every genre for everyone freely without depending much on views/ad revenue):-

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Some best looking games released this year!
As always keep you updated with every good games in every genre!

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*2, 7, 13 & 15th one can be played offline

Following are the games name & links:-

1)Metal Revolution (English version currently in beta & available in Brazil, you need to use vpn if you aren't situated in that country or game won't show up, cbt end on 23rd):-

2)Beyond A Steel Sky:-

3)Wild Born:- Gameplay I have shown is from the beta I played a month before, it's coming soon

4)Respawnable Heroes ( available on Android but for now it's on early access & will require a high spec device):-

5)Sky Children Of The Light:-

6)Pascal wager (Also has been released for Android):-


8)Genshin Impact (final beta is going on but for limited players who signed up before, it's expected to come this year I'll keep you guys updated)

9)Dragon Raja:-
SEA version-

10)Punishing Gray Raven (biligame version, this one won't require any Chinese I'd or stuff, just follow my webpage I have given all step on how to download & play):-

11)Exos Heroes(Android & iOS):-
(Link will redirect to both playstore & appstore no ads in between)

12)Marvel Future Revolution :- This game will be fully open world, the gameplay trailer I have shown in the video it'll look exact:-

13)Bright Memory (gameplay is short like less than a hour, & it won't receive any update):-

14)Tera Hero (for both Android & iOS links visit my webpage below):-

15)Forgotten Anne:-
Android (need to pay to unlock full game):-

16)Lineage 2M:- (English version & won't require any vpn to play but sometimes while backing off from attacking a monster it kinda get stuck & lags for a bit but if you wanna try follow my above webpage for links & info):-

17)Noah's Heart- new upcoming mmorpg from devs of dragon raja, the gameplay trailer I have shown is the real in-game footage, I'm keep an eye on it will let you guys know after I get my hands on beta/cbt

Additional (upcoming one's with graphics of same level as the game featured):-

18)Kimetsu No yaiba (Battle Royale)
19)Gran Saga (mmorpg)
20)Project Ragnarok (mmorpg)
21)Code T (Cyberpunk)
22)Ace Racer (Racing like asphalt 9)
23)Nier Reincarnation (Turn based, new beta at end of this month)
24)Devil May Cry (Action RPG)
25)Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery (Game follows the story)
26)Code Live (Survival mmo)
27)Hidden World record (Action mmorpg)
28)City (Survival mmo By NetEase
29)Moonlight Blade (mmorpg)
Just few big names & there are So many more… I'm keeping an eye of everything as soon as I get my hands on em I'll make a dedicated video to keep you guys updated!

Thanks for watching! Do check my other videos you'll find alot of games of you're type to play.


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