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Things to Think About For Your First Options Trade | Rolling Trades with Vonetta Logan

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Things to Think About For Your First Options Trade | Rolling Trades with Vonetta Logan

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Vonetta packs up her fake Gucci purse and heads to the suburbs! The reigning queens of trading, Liz & Jenny, help Vonetta place her first-ever trade while sipping on vino and eating cakes like the fancy-ass lady she is. Learn how to place an earnings setup calendar spread and what signs you should be looking for on trade entry. You don't wanna miss this episode of Rolling trades.

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After several years of sitting on the sidelines, tastytrade's very own Vonetta Logan has created a new series documenting her adventures as she hits the streets and learns how to trade options using the tastyworks platform. From opening an account, to figuring out how brokerage platforms work, to placing trades and eating some mouthwatering meals- this series has something for everyone!

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