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The Drydock - Episode 105

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The Drydock - Episode 105

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00:00:00 - Intro

00:00:30 - Who, in your opinion, were the most grossly incompetent captains/admirals in each era?

00:06:18 - What were the biggest contributions of the US Coast Guard to the two World Wars, and what would you consider their finest hour for each?

00:10:48 - How were the German U-boat pens in France engineered?

00:14:43 - The Mark 6 Exploder

00:15:56 - What would have happened to the High seas fleet if it didn't sink itself in the Scapa Flow?

00:20:08 - Heavy German guns and brass charge cases

00:25:56 - Type 40 torpedo boat reloading for torpedo tubes

00:29:32 - Were blow out panels ever considered for the rear of main gun turrets to prevent catastrophic explosions in the case of them being penetrated?

00:33:56 - How did ammunition handling procedures differ between destroyers with fully-enclosed turrets and those with only a gun shield for the main battery? Where was ammunition fed to the gun from

00:35:41 - Pressure effects on a submarine hull

00:38:02 - Evolution of sailing warships hull types

00:45:21 - Evolution of the submarine snorkel

00:49:44 - Origin of naming a ship

00:53:40 - Do you think it would have been possible to make the Fairey Fulmar a single seater?

00:56:37 - What is your opinion on smaller quick-firing (QF) guns relative to larger guns with separate ammunition?

00:58:49 - Which navies in 1939 showed the most and least advancement/improvement over their 1918 navy?

01:05:36 - Scuttling ships instead of capturing in the 20th century?

01:13:49 - What were some of the more interesting ways navies tried to combat aircraft?

01:15:39 - What did the axis do surface wise in the Mediterranean post Italy’s surrender?

01:17:16 - HMS Royal Sovereign in Soviet service?

01:21:12 - The Battle of Passchendaele and the U-Boats

01:25:06 - Escort sloops instead of cruisers?

01:29:56 - Army vs Navy artillery in the 19th century

01:36:08 - How reliable is the Anthony Roll as a source for the Tudor navy? I assume the illustrations are not to be taken quite literally, but how do you figure out what to take seriously and what not when studying a source as old as this?

01:40:16 - Why did the Beiyang Fleet of the Late Qing Dynasty fail so poorly during the first Sino-Japanese war?

01:43:06 - How exactly would one lay mines from a submarine?

01:47:03 - Has technology ever advanced in such a way that outdated ships could beat a newer model because the defenses against it fell out of use?

01:51:45 - Upper deck mounts vs Between deck mounts

01:56:38 - German 12" vs British 13.5"

02:05:31 - Costs and profits of scrapping a ship

02:09:37 - As most ships (even warships at war) spend much more time sailing than fighting. Which warship classes of the second world war had the best sea-worthiness and/or sea-keeping qualities?

02:12:22 - Given how well the rapid firing 6" gun cruisers such as the Brooklyn and Town classes ended up performing for the USN and RN, would the IJN have been better off leaving the Mogamis in the original 6" configuration?

02:14:31 - Large/Heavy/Super/Battle-cruiser differences

02:21:21 - "The world wonders"

02:28:21 - Line of Battle spacing

02:32:06 - Costs of the US Six Frigates

02:38:59 - Why were medium and heavy bombers converted to torpedo bombers in WW2?

02:42:55 - Naval signals intel in WW1/WW2

02:46:28 - Maximum thickness of armour plate

02:50:00 - What battle or incident would you most like to have all the answers to? Why?

02:52:14 - What were the plans for using the Treaty Ports in Ireland before handed back? Using them as naval bases seems pretty conservative. Would the merchant ships be unloaded there?

02:54:57 - How are the masts of age of sail ships held down?

02:57:13 - Minelaying in WW1 and WW2?

03:00:13 - How would you rate the Borodino class battlecruisers?

03:04:29 - What is your favorite Naval title?

03:04:42 - Bulbous bows

03:08:13 - Impact of Leonardo da Vinci on WW2?

03:11:19 - Lower freeboards in the Victorian ironclad navy.

03:13:42 - Royal Navy launching ceremonies

03:15:11 - Channel Admin

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