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Smart Geeks - Best Cell Phone Store in Hialeah - How To Run A Successful Cell Phone Repair Business

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Smart Geeks - Best Cell Phone Store in Hialeah - How To Run A Successful Cell Phone Repair Business

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Want to know how to open a cell phone store? How much money can you make selling cell phones and cell phone rate plans? The cellular industry can be extremely lucrative, and I wanted to share with you today on what you can expect to make if you're interested in opening your own cell phone shop.

The prepaid cell phone companies I like are H2O Wireless, Net 10, Solavei Wireless, Ultra Mobile, Telcel, Simple Mobile, Virgin and Boost Mobile and Red Pocket has some decent rate plans available. How much do these prepaid companies pay to their cell phone dealers? Which prepaid company pays the most?

Choosing the best prepaid companies in your store is very important when it comes to making money in the wireless industry and choosing a good master agent is equally as important.

Cellular Phones Etc is a national master agent for prepaid companies, Ring Central, Directv Satellite Systems, Dish Network, Comcast Business, Charter Communications, Birch Communications, Earthlink, Windsteam, AT&T and many many more. We help communications consultants start their own mobile phone company or become professional consultants to companies to save money on their telecommunication expenses.

We think, no we no, that Smart Geeks llc is the best prepaid carrier to offer in your store if you are looking to make residual commissions online. The nice thing about selling Smart Geeks llc is that you get paid a $5 monthly referral every single month for the life of the customer...No matter WHERE they pay their bill. It's easy to make money with Smart Geeks llc as they not only pay well per customer, they offer bonuses in the Smart Geeks llc Compensation Plan that pay additional residual commissions every month.

Prepaid Carriers typically pay a small residual to dealers if they meet a certain volume, and pay pretty well to customers that pay within their stores. The problem can be is getting them to return to your store to make that payment.

There are many ways to make an income in the cell phone industry or the communications industry in general. Cellular Phones Etc offers a turnkey solution for those wanting to start their own cell phone business, and help you add all the proper solutions to get started.

From a Point of Sale system, a beautiful website with a shopping cart, SEO, merchant services, phone lines and internet, and the best commissions paid to our dealers, we have you completely covered!

Contact us today at (208) 968-4335 for more information or visit us online at or

100% Qualified & Tested ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
This is the best price in the whole market without any doubt, with faster shipping to you.

We are BuyouSell (Wholesalers Electronics Items) distributed by Smart Geeks LLC
For more information or products you can visit our Website Official.
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