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Pubg Mobile live Giveaway Daily Free Entry Custom 22 Aug2020 [Gun Point Star Live Now] Erangel 2.0

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Pubg Mobile live Giveaway Daily Free Entry Custom 22 Aug2020 [Gun Point Star Live Now] Erangel 2.0

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Dear Friends,
Gun Point Star here Pubg Mobile Daily Free Entry Custom Room Giveaways.Pubg Mobile live Giveaway Daily Free Entry Custom please join asap.

Erangel 2.0

Discord link - please join to get daily updates on custom rooms and any changes make on our custom rooms in advance.

📌 Rules For Chat 📌

🔴 No Spam, self promotion, or promoting others.
🔴 Treat every one with respect.
🔴 Do not ask why given time out.
🔴 Respect Moderators.
🔴 Do not spoil chat fun, and keep helping by reporting spammer and abusive trolls.
🔴 Be little vice and don't ask every day the same question what we will the prize/ when the match will star /what is the map today. even if you are regular member, go to discord every day and help yourself by reading daily custom detail updates on our discord server. Don't work hard work smart.

Thank you for coming and joining our custom rooms.purpose of these room on daily bases to give you improvement/entertainment and new strategies to learn and implement in your game play.


1. Device used - Ipad-mini 5
2. Wifi router - TPlink (50 Mbps plan)
3. Streaming software used - Omlet Arcade
4. Discord for spec discussion.
5. Graphic Work Designer - Mr. Sandeep Kumar ( sandeepkumar95011@gmail.com ).


Motive and Social Responsibilities

1. Want to give best entertainment to our lovely views and subscribers

2. Want to aware society about new trends and methods to become lighting fast in this continues daily growing world.

3. Spread awareness about social responsibility towards society to young

Rules for joining our custom rooms daily.

1. Before start of the match every team member of squad need to take individual screenshot that they have subscribe our channel before match start ( apply only to new subscribers) & after match end, need to sent,Screenshot of there individual subscriber page and screenshot of there winning on your WhatsApp group (link mentions above please join in advance) apply to all squads.

2. Any squad found breaking the rule no 1, will not be eligible for prize amount, please don’t text me or put wrong comments on our channel, you will be treated as fool.

3. If any delay on your end for prize receiving, we are not responsible for that, our work is limited to transfer the prize after winner team contact us on the same day for prize claim and give us there paytm/gpay no for amount to transferred, we will share screenshot of prize amount transferred to the no provided by the winning team on WhatsApp.

4. for winning the prize every individual need to be our Subscribe, and must not unsubscribe the channel in 60 days time for any reason.

Follow me for more:

#OmletArcade #PUBGMOBILE-2ndAnniversary.

2. YouTube - .

3. Instagram - Nott-gaming.

Thank You
Gun Point Star
Channel Owner & Content Creator.

Stay healthy stay safe 🙏🙏🙏🙏

#customroompubgmobile #pubglivecustomrooms #customroomslive

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