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(On Mobile) Geometry Dash [2.11] - Point Blank by Lemons (2 Coins)

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(On Mobile) Geometry Dash [2.11] - Point Blank by Lemons (2 Coins)

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Back in 2018, I saw the level as the weekly demon level, and I played it. Then I managed to reach somewhere around 40% in normal mode, and started to record the level with a different screen recorder back then (DU Recorder, but that recorder is not available on Play Store anymore), and it lagged a lot so I have to stop playing that level for a while (for around 15 months, even though it took me a long time to take a break from that level so rip).

And now, I've started to play the level again, and it only took me one week to complete this level, so far this level was the weakest easy demon level for me to complete, for now (For what I mean the level with most number of attempts, tbh). And I finally managed to record the level with a different screen recorder which turns out that reduced the lag.

So I would not recommend this level to a mobile player with a lower-end device, unless if their phone has very good specs on their device. Also, this was my first time to complete a demon level that is not optimized at all and still managed to finish that thing.

(Take note that I completed the level without practice mode because if play the actual level on practice mode, the phone was severely lagging, so I copied the level to practice some parts on normal mode, and finished it at around 300 attempts, then I've finally completed the actual level, with 431 total attempts. And I forgot the rest of the progress on the weekly demon level 2 years ago, so I finally beat the level.)

Discord: HyperCreatorX#4209 (if you guys want to see me on there)
Intro from Panzoid:

Song used in the level: Nock Em by Bossfight

NOTE: Sorry for the low quality in this video, most of my Geometry Dash videos where recorded and uploaded on mobile.

Phone Specs:

ASUS ZenFone Max Plus (M1)
CPU: Octa-Core at 1.5Ghz
Internal Storage: 32GB
OS: Android 7 Nougat

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SIDE NOTE: I might be less active for now since my phone lagged a lot on most applications and it was slightly damaged that's because the device that I used was about to be aged really soon as the time goes on, and it may not function well. But I will still continue to create and upload more of my content. I'll see you all on my next video soon! 😄

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