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New & Improved Angel Broking App | Stock Trading App | Angel Broking Mobile Trading App

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New & Improved Angel Broking App | Stock Trading App | Angel Broking Mobile Trading App

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New & Improved Angel Broking | Stock Trading App | Angel Broking Mobile Trading App

The distance between you and your next great investment just got shorter!!!

We proudly present the new and improved Angel Broking app.
The app is Re-designed with all-new powerful features.
The User Interface has been made even simpler, cutting down the time and energy it takes you to find a profitable investment.
The watch-list lets you catch all the action on the stocks you are interested in LTP, that is, the Last Traded Price, is shown on the right
It shows you whether a stock has gained or lost value.

The last traded price is a good starting point - but we know our savvy customers like to absorb a lot more data
Therefore, every stock’s historical movement can be found in the charts
Select the time frame you want - and the data will instantly come up

Options Traders can use the option chains to compare the strike prices of put options or call options
When a profitable trade opens up, nothing will stand between you and your profits - Angel Broking's Quick Buy or Sell feature executes your trades very quickly and helps you capitalize on every opportunity

The research tab is for short term and long term investors with busy and active lives -
It shows ready-made trades with the ideal price to buy and the ideal price to sell

You can also see how long the recommendation is valid for

To give you deeper insights faster, Angel Broking shows a single-click overview of the stocks you are interested in.

You can see the short-term and long-term trends for the stock.

Under technicals, the short-term trends are further broken down into Daily, Weekly, and Monthly
You can check if the outlook for a scrip is bullish, bearish, or neutral
You can also click on your preferred timeline and check the moving averages and technical indicators.
Derivatives Tab shows you a quick snapshot of Futures and Options data based on Open interest and Prices movements
The Fundamentals Tab brings under one page the business quality, valuation, and long-term revenue trends of the scrip
And that’s not all - the user can also check the important ratios and the shareholding patterns associated with the stock
So, no more jumping around on the internet - Angel Broking has figured out what data points are relevant to the investors, and put them all in the same place
In India, the F&O market has become so popular that in 2019, NSE executed more derivative trades than any other index in the world

The angel broking app gives you the latest updates in the F&O, that is, the future and option, market You can see the biggest gainers and losers at a glance based on Price and Open Interest

The F&O dashboard gives the customers a single view on which scrips are doing well and which scrips are falling, to take an informed decision on the markets

The angel broking app has ARQ – a rule based investment engine which recommends positions that perfectly suit your .zbudget and your investment style

You just have to pick the number of stocks you want to invest in your financial goals and your budget.

Our ARQ algorithms will analyze the data in the background to give you positions that are perfect for you

With the angel broking app, you no longer have to keep your eye on the market - because we do it for you

You can set price alerts on the app, and when the scrip price reaches the set price, you will be the first to know!

We can go on - but it's better when you see the results for yourself

So download the latest angel broking app - and start growing your wealth today!

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