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Military doctor in China admits to forced organ harvesting; US to purge untrusted Chinese apps | NTD

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Military doctor in China admits to forced organ harvesting; US to purge untrusted Chinese apps | NTD

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(00:00) Military Doctor Admits Forced Organ Harvesting
A new investigation found that forced organ harvesting against prisoners of conscience is still going on in China. In a phone recording, a Chinese surgeon promises undercover investigators they would be able to view the organ supplier before the transplant surgery and makes an incriminating confession.

(03:06) Pompeo: US To Expand 'Clean Network'
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lays out the details for how the US will further protect citizens from the Chinese communist party's threats. They're expanding the clean network, to filter out untrusted mobile carriers, cloud storage, apps, and others.

(04:30) US, China To Review Phase 1 Of #TradeDeal
US and Chinese officials are planning to meet later this month to discuss their ongoing trade deal. China is falling behind on its promised purchases of US goods. It's been about "Half a year" since the agreement took effect.

(06:01) Hidden Foreign Funding To US #Universities
U.S. Universities didn't report more than $6.5 billion in foreign money. And that's just over an 8-month period since July 2019. Now lawmakers want 6 universities to submit records about their foreign funding.

(07:21) #Seattle Mayor, Police Chief Oppose 50% Budget Cut
Seven of Seattle's nine council members support cutting the police department's budget by fifty percent. They're set to vote on Monday. Both the mayor and police chief reject the idea, saying there's almost no way to do it.

(09:08) Why #ANTIFA Are The Most Fascist
"American thought leaders" host Jan Jekielek sits down with Colorado Congressman Ken Buck. They discuss what's happening on the streets of Portland Oregon and other major US cities ... The violence and calls for "revolution" ... And what's at stake for the nation.

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