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LIGHT PHONE 2 - A Minimal Phone for Digital Detox

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LIGHT PHONE 2 - A Minimal Phone for Digital Detox

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Is this simple phone actually realistic? Can you actually replace your phone for a day at a time and get by in the modern world? The new Light Phone 2 has an E-ink touch screen display, 4G wifi hotspot, texting, calling, and more simple features to allow you to "go light." The premise of this phone is to act as a companion phone for you to remove yourself from the world of notifications and distractions. Without social media, email, and internet, this phone promotes human experiences and discourages things like smartphone dependency, using your phone as a social crutch, and watching concerts through the screen of your phone camera.

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This review was especially interesting for me because unlike most smartphones, this phone was intended to do less, thus making the criteria for evaluation much more ambiguous. I used this phone for several days and evaluated it for what it is supposed to do, despite the hinderances of not having a camera, internet, or things of that nature. Overall, this is a very interesting phone idea, but unless you want to support the development of this phone, it is hard to justify buying this at $350. This phone is expected to eventually have more features on board like Uber, a music player, a calculator, and more features of that nature, which should set it apart from a standard flip phone. Until then, it is much cheaper to call and text (and even play snake or something) from an old school flip phone or slider phone.

Some additional review notes:
Remember the days before we started spending 4 or 5 or even 6 hours a day on our phones? And the days before the infinite scroll of Instagram or Tiktok or almost any other app? Enter the all new Light Phone 2, a credit card sized companion phone with an e-ink touch screen display, a wifi hotspot, calling, texting, and the essential tools in a phone that actually respects you

1.Blue light is bad for eyes
2. Phone usage near bed time is bad for sleep (because of blue light, and because people stay up too late on social media, wake up from notifications, and watch netflix in bed)
3. Calling is more efficient
4. Cameras cause us to live through this virtual world, where we sacrifice enjoyment in the moment, for memories of the moment that we can watch later
5. A social crutch is removed when at parties, in elevators, park benches, etc.
6. More productive alternatives are incorporated


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