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iPhone 9 LEAKED: Apple Please Make Up Your Mind!

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iPhone 9 LEAKED: Apple Please Make Up Your Mind!

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On Pocketnow Daily, we have our usual set of Amazon deals for you focused on wearables. If you own an unlocked Galaxy S10/Note10, you should be getting some new camera features soon. Google Fi and Amazon are making some new changes due to the outbreak. Amazon wants to give cloud-based gaming a try with their new Project Tempo. Samsung is having their mobile division manufacture foldable displays to create some competition. Finally, some new leaks show that the iPhone SE 2 will be released very soon.

All this and more after the break.

0:37 - Today’s Deals:
- Apple Watch Series 5

- Fossil Gem 5

- Moto G8 Plus

1:16 - Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 in the US are starting to get Galaxy S20 features right now

2:00 - Google Fi increases data limit to 30GB per user during COVID-19 crisis

- Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’ may be delayed until August

2:56 - Amazon is working on Project Tempo to compete against Google Stadia

3:48 - Samsung’s mobile division will make its own foldable glass to lower price

4:37 - iPhone 9 could launch tomorrow, and its already listed on Canada’s Virgin Mobile (Update)

- Upcoming iPhone SE was briefly listed on Apple’s official online store

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