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iPhone 12 Release Date and Price – iPhone 12 Colors & Battery life

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iPhone 12 Release Date and Price – iPhone 12 Colors & Battery life

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Here is the latest Mid July 2020 Apple iPhone 12 Release Date & Price News!

QUICK NOTE; Concerning BOE screen - I had edited 95% of this video before the announcement that BOE are not creating the screens for the normal iPhone 12 models, please forgive my facts sheets that show this out of date info, but in the next video it will be updated..

With iOS 14 announced last month at Apples WWDC 2020 event, the iPhone 12 launch date is now growing nearer. I have for you the latest details about the IOS 14 Beta and also detail of what we will get inside the iPhone 12 box when we do a iPhone 12 unboxing.
We also recap the four models coming out in 2020. These include the specs about the iPhone 12 Camera,storage sizes and now a iPhone 12 Design leak with the use of dummy's. I also have the latest about the iPhone 12 colors and connectivity.

As per always, I do the latest leaks first and then a recap of what we know altogether about the iPhone 12 models.

I also have the latest iPhone 12 Cost information for the four iPhone models;

iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Max
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max

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