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India's World - Coronavirus: Impact on Trade

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India's World - Coronavirus: Impact on Trade

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In this episode of India’s World focuses on the impact on trade due to coronavirus. As the coronavirus outbreak spreads, the world’s biggest companies have begun painting a bleak picture of broken supply chains, disrupted manufacturing, empty stores and flagging demand for their wares. Announcements by businesses like Master card, Microsoft and Apple offer a reading on how the virus is affecting consumer behaviour and business sentiment. These corporate bulletins — and what executives do in response — could determine how much economic damage the outbreak inflicts and whether a recession looms. Some companies have expressed optimism that governments will curb new infections and that consumer spending in Europe and North America will be largely unscathed. meanwhile, the industry body, ASSOCHAM believes India can push its exports in the global markets to fill up the space vacated by China. It said Indian exporters of electronics, pharmaceuticals, speciality chemicals and automobile segments depend on China for raw material and are facing supply constraints, but there are several areas where there are increased opportunities for domestic traders.

Guests -
Pradeep Multani, Vice President, PHD chamber of commerce/ Chairman, Multani Pharmaceuticals Limited,
Jayant Dasgupta, Former Ambassador at WTO,
Ajay Dua, Former Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry,

Anchor - Frank Rausan Pereira

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