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Hilda 10.000+ Matches with Execute META - Top 1 Global Hilda SPARTA - Mobile Legends

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Hilda 10.000+ Matches with Execute META - Top 1 Global Hilda SPARTA - Mobile Legends

22 Просмотры

Hero Power: MMR 3302

Current Rank: MYTHICAL GLORY 495

Hilda Skill's Guide:

Combat Ritual (1st Skill)
This is a good skill to chase or zone out enemies, especially damage dealers with low mobility (mage, assassin, marksman) especially during team fights. Hilda can target the enemy backline with this skill or chase away assassin who are killing their team’s carry.

Art of Hunting (2nd Skill)
This is your primary source of crowd control. Movement speed is useless if you can’t pin down your target. This makes sure that your target will be chased away or will be zoned out from the team fight making the target useless. Aside from the crowd control, this deals enough amount of damage to make the enemy fall back. Make sure that you are going punish your target with this ability.

Power of Wildness (Ultimate)
Make sure that you get assists as much as possible to have stacks for Hilda’s ultimate. It is very convenient since every stack gives you a lot of additional damage, with this said, Hilda’s not only tanky but can also deal a decent amount of damage to the enemy she’s targeting. This also completes the kit of Hilda in dominating every lane she gank.

Blessing of Wilderness (Passive)
Her passive is a very strong tool for fights, she can always do trade damage in her lane then go to the bush to heal herself. Always maximize the use for this passive because it will help you a lot when laning.
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