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Hi, Friends... Here's a Vlog

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Hi, Friends... Here's a Vlog

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Hi, friends... Here's a Vlog! I've been meaning to make something, anything at this point. I've talked about and had a few show interest in me starting a youtube channel. After compiling random odds and ends from the past few days, I put together a nice little ramble accompanied by said clips to make a nice little Vlog like update on life as of late. It's been an interesting two weeks, that tons of us are finding ourselves in. Here is a update for friends and family I don't see often or talk to on a regular basis. While I have the time, energy and a need to create constantly led me to this video. I'm sure i'm not the only here. Seeing as i've been taking my phone and Moment gear with me everywhere, I made this entire Vlog on my phone. I'm still getting the hang of this, as well as my new to me Mirrorless camera. I have a tri-pod laying around here somewhere, so i'm sure i'll be filming on that sooner than later, but for now it's the trusty iPhone and wide angle lens.

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