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Google Pixel 4a: A Weekend With The Best Budget Android

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Google Pixel 4a: A Weekend With The Best Budget Android

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I used to really like smartphones with complicated cameras labeled "professional grade," because with all their features, they urged me to rise to the occasion and become a photographer that was worthy of them. But ever since 2016, I've started to value the opposite: phone cameras so consistently reliable that I can just spray and pray, and more often than not it's going to innately understand the shot I wanted and produce it.

The phone that led to that sea change … was the first-generation Google Pixel launched four years ago, and since that time a Pixel of some form has always populated one of my Peak Design pockets. As someone who spends so much of his time capturing content, the Pixel camera is just too good not to own.

Yet despite its picture-taking prowess and the other benefits I’ll touch on, the Pixel has never sold well - in part because its misses are big enough to counteract its hits. The Pixel 4 had atrocious battery life for a mainstream smartphone, and its launch price started at $799.

Well, *this* phone packs solid battery life for its size, it includes the most important features that make a Pixel a Pixel … and it only costs $350. I’m Michael Fisher; join me for a weekend with the Google Pixel 4a in MrMobile's "Real Weekend Test!"




MrMobile's "Pixel 4a Real Weekend Test" was produced following four days with a Google Pixel 4a review sample provided by Google. The device was tested on Google Fi between Brooklyn, NY and the North Fork of Long Island, NY. Preproduction sample running prerelease software. The lone sponsor of this video is Surfshark; neither Google nor any other company paid a fee or otherwise offered compensation in exchange for this coverage.

This review format was inspired by David Cogen's "Real World Test" series at TheUnlockr. See David's Pixel 4a Real World Test here:

Special thanks to GM for the Bolt EV press vehicle loan which made this video possible.


Real World Test Playlist [TheUnlockr]:

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