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FOUND MYSTERY NEIGHBOR LOST iPhone !!! (Unlocked Hidden Secret Clues)

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FOUND MYSTERY NEIGHBOR LOST iPhone !!! (Unlocked Hidden Secret Clues)

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In Grace Sharer last vlog “TESTING TOP 10 Ways to PRANK BEST FRIEND on MYSTERY NEIGHBOR for 24 HOURS!! (Caught iPhone Evidence)” you saw Grace Sharer on the lookout for the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR to come back and get back her MYSTERIOUS CAGE. The SPECIAL SPY MISSION was to get Stephen Sharer YOUTUBE PLAY BUTTON and the computer back. Just as Grace and Mama Sharer were about to give up, the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR was spotted arriving at the Sharer Fam house. Grace and her BEST FRIEND BFF followed the MYSTERY PERSON to the back of the house trying to get inside. Grace locked all the doors and decided to do epic TIKTOK LIFE HACKS PRANKS on the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN. Grace’s first PRANK ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR involved eggs, cardboard and a ladder. Grace set up the prank on the NEW GARAGE REVEAL door so the eggs would fall on the person when they came inside the house. Grace set up a SPY CAMERA to catch the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR reaction. The next prank by Grace Sher was the birthday cake TIKTOK HACK and to find out who ate her SURPRISE BIRTHDAY REVEAL cake. Grace put 3 sponges stacked on a plate, coated it with icing and sprinkles, and waited for ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR or a POND MONSTER person to fall for the prank. Mama Sharer spotted the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR entering the house and the person fell for both pranks. There was a MYSTERIOUS SPY CAMERA or LISTENING DEVICE left behind disguised as a BRAND NEW IPHONE. Today in Grace Sharer Brand New Vlog for 2020, Grace Sharer is going to get to the bottom of the mysterious BRAND NEW IPHONE 11 that was left at the ORIGINAL SHARER FAM HOUSE. Grace is worried it might be a trap or a HIDDEN LISTENING DEVICE, so she calls in Mama Sharer to help figure out the mystery. First, Grace and BFF BEST FRIEND Mama Sharer put on special gloves so they don’t contaminate the evidence and get their FINGERPRINTS all over the FAKE IPHONE. The screen turns on and is a picture of the GREEN AND PINK MASKED PERSON so Grace Sher decided to investigate further. Siri wouldn’t turn on the phone, so a SECRET FOUR DIGIT PASSCODE was required and Mama Sharer tries to find out what it is. Grace and Mama Sharer sneak downstairs to the SHARE THE LOVE MERCH STORE room so the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR PERSON doesn’t see them trying to open the BRAND NEW IPHONE. Mama Sharer got worried that the iPhone was actually a SPY LISTENING DEVICE so she puts on a TOP SECRET UNDERCOVER DISGUISE. Grace initiates the special HIGH TECH HOME features on the SECRET KEYPAD that puts on LASER BEAMS throughout the house and deactivates the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR RECORDING DEVICE. The FOUR DIGIT PASSCODE to unlock might be found in STEPHEN SHARER vlog from the SHARER FAM FANS. The code ended up being from the MYSTERY COMPUTER and has messages with pictures of ELLEN MYSTERY NEIGHBOR and GRACE SHARER STOLEN IPHONE. A MYSTERY BOX UNBOXING was in the pictures and a mystery app, so watch today’s vlog to find out the HIDDEN CLUES!

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