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Flying High Challenge with alt account | South Park Phone Destroyer

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Flying High Challenge with alt account | South Park Phone Destroyer

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This week's challenge mode will be the "Flying High Challenge".
For this week I decided to play with my alt account

During this challenge, all flying characters cost 1 energy less than usual and the Thunderbird will be set to lvl 3 by default.

The full list of flying cards are:

- Mint-Berry Crunch
- Human Kite
- Bounty Hunter Kyle
- Alien Drone
- Imp Tweek
- Cupid Cartman
- Terrance Mephesto
- Starvin' Marvin
- Pigeon Gang
- Thunderbird

Deck used:

Choirboy Butters
Imp Tweek
Bounty Hunter Kyle

Zen Cartman
Cupid Cartman
Space Warrior Token
Enforcer Jimmy
Warboy Tweek

Power Bind
Robo Bebe

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