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Fifa Mobile 20 l The Biggest Team Upgrade EVER! 120M+ COINS l Road to 145 - Episode 2

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Fifa Mobile 20 l The Biggest Team Upgrade EVER! 120M+ COINS l Road to 145 - Episode 2

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Are you ready for the biggest and most expensive team upgrade in fifa mobile 20?
In today's video, we are gonna be doing HUGE team upgrade in fifa mobile 20. In fact, this is probably the biggest team upgrade ever!
You know how we do things. Slowly but in the best possible way. So in today's incredible team upgrade video, we bought some of the best players in fifa mobile 20. I had over 150M coins and after upgrading my team from 130 to 139 ovr I was left with 30M coins. So in total, we spend 120M coins for today's team upgrade.
We started our journey to 145 ovr in my previous video

Road to 145 - Episode 1

but this team upgrade was on a whole new level. This is definitely my biggest and most expensive team upgrade in fifa mobile 20. We 've got 9 OVR in 1 video. I went from 130 ovr to 139 ovr completely free to play.
First, we bought the best RB in the game. The one and only Trent Alexander-Arnold. He is without a doubt the best RB in the game. And as a matter of fact, he is the only RB with holding skill boost. If you want me to do a review on UTOTS Alexander Arnold let me know. But this video is all about rebuilding and upgrading our team in fifa mobile 20.
After we solved our RB position it was time for a new CB. You cant imagine the better CB than Van Dijk. We went and bought TOTS Virgil Van Dijk! So Arnold is not the only player from Liverpool. But think are gonna get even better for Liverpool fans, because we are getting them another teammate. I needed a new GK, so we went to the market and bought the best Gk in fifa mobile 20. Alisson Backer, another Liverpool player. At this time we already spend almost 70 Milion coins on those 3 players.
But wait, there is more. I went and bought a replacement for Prime Icon Zidane. So ve got a TOTS Reus card on our Cam position. That was additional 35M coins. So we already spent over 100M coins and team upgrade has not even started yet.
First, we transfer all rank ups into the new players. So we bought new GK (TOTS - Alisson), CB (TOTS - Van Dijk), RB (UTOTS - Arnold) and CAM (TOTS - Reus). After transferring all rank ups we hit 137 ovr! But I still need to upgrade my team for 2 ovr. And we did exactly that. We went and ranked our new players. That was enough to hit 138 ovr. I was so close! Then I went and upgrade some of my skill boosts. Actually I upgrade a lot of my skill boosts. I spend over 15M coins there. Wait, did I say we spend 120M coins, well actually we spend may more than that! At this point, we already spend over 120M coins and I was still 138 OVR. We didnt have any 102 ovr players in our team, so I decided to change that. I went and upgrade UTOTS Arnold to 102 ovr and that was enough for 139 OVR! Just like that we hit 139 ovr in fifa mobile 20. Free to play, of course!

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