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Fifa Mobile 20 - BIGGEST LUNAR NEW YEAR PACK OPENING! Episode 1! Open 30 Packs for FREE!

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Fifa Mobile 20 - BIGGEST LUNAR NEW YEAR PACK OPENING! Episode 1! Open 30 Packs for FREE!

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Fifa Mobile biggest pack opening ever! That's right we will do the biggest and greatest Lunar new year pack opening on youtube! This is episode 1! In this episode, I opened more than 30 Lunar new year packs! And the best part? Its free and anyone can do this! No joke, it's absolutely free you just need to choose the right offers. And the best way to spend your lucky coins is an offer where you can get 5 Latern points for 600 Lucky coins. This is definitely the most initing pack you will ever open. I mean its a great deal and I think you should take that offer rather than spending your lucky points on some players. This is way more exciting! So in this video, I opened more than 30 Lunar new year packs. I 've done this 100 F2P and you can do it too. First I collect some rewards. BTW I think you should goo streight in the main path. Don't go for low rated players. It's just not worth it. Have some fun with pack opening. You have a chance of pulling Ronaldo. How's that sound? Lunar New Year Ronaldo in a pack. Man I can just image. That would be crazy. Maybe in episode 2, we will get him. In this episode, I 've pulled some nice players. But I 've got a lot of skill boosts as well. Which is not that bad, to be honest. I love skill boosts. Why those lantern points are so good? Well here is the catch. You get so many bonus packs and who doesn't like more packs right? You can open so many Lunar new year pack for free. I think this is one of the best events in fifa mobile! Pack opening is what we 've been missing this season. Now we can all open a lot of packs for free!

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