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Demo of the Mobile-friendly testing center! NEC exam prep

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Demo of the Mobile-friendly testing center! NEC exam prep

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This video shows off the mobile friendly testing center

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2017 TABS with FREE SHIPPING at the link Below

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2014 TABS link Below

All are 2017 but will be close in the other Code Cycles. You can Name each TAB with what works best with your style.

#1 Orange High Leg 110.15

#2 Dryer Range 220.54/220.55

#3 Clearances 230.24

#4 bonding Jumpers 250.102(C)(1)

#5 burial depth table 300.5

#6 Adjust/correc 310.15(B)(2) and 310.15(B)(3)(a)

#7 Duty Cycle Table 430.22

#8 Motor Breakers/fuse 430.52

#9 Class II

#10 Class III

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The test is geared for the 2017 but lots of these questions are timeless and can be used for 2020 or before

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Are goals to encourage you in life and help you feel confident when taking your licensing exam or certification tests.

Becoming a Licensed Electrician is very rewarding and will open many doors for you.

If you find any errors in content or process please email me at Perryhyder@gmail.com and I will get it corrected!

Hope this helps!

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