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Copy Trading Update - eToro - 30/April/2020

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Copy Trading Update - eToro - 30/April/2020

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Copy Trading Update

It's been another tumultuous month in the markets! What's been going on with the price of oil! Cryptos have been on a bit of a mini bull run, equities have been trading higher despite difficult economic and other data, and if you were trying to get hold of physical Gold and Silver, things got decidedly strange.

Overall, I'm up for the month - I haven't recouped all of my losses for March, but it's make a significant dent and been nice to see some green :)

I still have a lot of my overall capital un-assigned. It's a mixture between not knowing who to copy and also keeping my risk low during these volatile times.

I talk a bit about eToro's solution to my problem of Harshsmith's Copy Stop Loss being incorrectly triggered in this video. They basically paid me compensation and ended up being more than fair about the whole situation. Initially I thought they were going to dismiss me with a weak answer, but in the end they came through, which was a really welcome development.


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