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China expresses firm opposition to banning of Chinese apps from U.S. app stores

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China expresses firm opposition to banning of Chinese apps from U.S. app stores

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And now to the development on the U.S.-China relations,....
Beijing has slammed Washington over its push to ban Chinese apps like TikTok from the country's app stores.
This comes as U.S. Senate voted Thursday to ban the Chinese video application being downloaded onto U.S. government devices.
Kim Jae-hee reports.
China firmly opposes Washington's moves to ban Chinese apps on U.S. app stores, saying such a move would be "ridiculous".
Beijing's Ministry of Foreign Affairs denounced the Trump administration on Thursday, saying Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other U.S. politicians are using national security as an excuse,... to suppress and contain China's high-tech firms.
"Their true intention is to maintain its own high-tech monopoly with those actions that violate market principles and international economic and trade rules and seriously threaten the security of the global industrial supply chain. It is typical bullying behavior."
The spokesperson went on to urge Washington to correct what he called their "wrong practices".
His remarks come a day after Pompeo said he wanted to eliminate "untrusted" Chinese apps from U.S. app stores, as applications like TikTok and WeChat cause "significant threats" to the personal data of American citizens.
The U.S. Senate on Thursday also unanimously voted to ban TikTok from being downloaded onto U.S. government-issued devices.
The bill now heads to President Trump's desk, to be signed into law.
The tensions between the two superpowers are only expected to intensify further,... as Trump administration officials on Thursday urged Trump to delist Chinese companies that fail to meet U.S. auditing requirements from U.S. exchanges.
India is also making more moves on China.
The Indian government, which has already banned TikTok, has now done the same to more Chinese mobile apps, including those developed by Xiaomi and Baidu.
Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News.

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