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Battle Breakers | Double Suit Power | Mobile Battle Suit | Forgotten Lands & Duels [Epic Games]

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Battle Breakers | Double Suit Power | Mobile Battle Suit | Forgotten Lands & Duels [Epic Games]

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I'm having a blast with two Mobile Battle Suit commanders in the game Battle Breakers that is available via Epic Games (SAC link: [When clicking on this link or you use my Support-a-creator code, I earn a portion of the sales]) (Support a creator code: LokeHansen)

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Battle Breakers | Mobile Battle Suit | Double Commander Power

In this Battle Breakers video, I am using two Mobile Battle Suit Assault Bot heroes as commanders and going auto-bot cra cra! Mobile Battle Suit is a very interesting Super Rare nature element hero that can be found in the hero shop every once in a while (this is the 2nd time since the public launch I've seen it there). The mobile Battle Suit hero is interesting in almost all areas. The Mobile Battle Suit has a cool special ability that allows it to chain gank enemies with a high ATK. It has an great passive and an even better commander perk. When used as a commander, the Mobile Battle Suit will result in a 5 point mana regeneration to all assault bots every dound, and that's not even all it does! The special ability allow the hero to take down high health opponents while providing board clearing of creep at the same time, and the hero can lock the board to nature and gain a permanent level wide boost to ATK when acting on a color match.

I am taking two maxed Mobile Battle Suits into forgotten lands 22-11 to check them out before I pit a team with Mobile Battle Suit up against random groups in the pvp duel system

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Battle Breakers is a casual strategic adventure game in an amazing flashy anime style where players must defeat space mobs that have invaded the planet.

This Battle Breakers video has gameplay from PC via Epic Games Launcher.

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