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#AskGoogleDevsIndia - Android 11

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#AskGoogleDevsIndia - Android 11

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Welcome back to episode 2 of #AskGoogleDevsIndia. On today’s episode hosted by Paul Ravindranath, we will be covering Android 11 with our Android Developer Advocates, Dan Galpin and Fred Chung to answer your questions. Make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for the next episode on Web technologies!

0:00 Google for Startups Accelerator →
1:26 Android 11 meetups →
1:41 web.dev Live India →
2:01 DSC OMG →
2:25 Developer community programs →

Questions asked on this episode:
3:20 What’s the name of Android 11?
3:36 What are the new features added in Android 11 and how much do we have to improve our developing knowledge for this new version?
4:11 How to query or interact with other installed apps in Android 11?
5:47 What is the best way to learn from Android 11 from scratch and what software to be used for beginners and the career opportunities in it?
6:18 Will we be seeing better keyboard handling APIs passed down to older versions of Android?
7:57 Jetpack Compose will mark the end of XML Layout and UI widgets for Android?
8:14 What are the Security improvements since Android 10?
9:35 Almost all the codelabs that I worked on had fragments used mostly, unlike activities in Java. Is there any particular reason why fragments are preferred in Kotlin?
10:03 When the depth APIs would be released, how to use those on dual camera? I want to get depth images from Android dual camera devices.
11:11 What happens when we rotate our apps?

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