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Alien Android Tingle Repair Shop

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Добавлено Аndroid

Alien Android Tingle Repair Shop

26 Просмотры

💎 Featuring lots of personal attention, inspection and scalpy ASMR triggers from brushing to tapping to metallic - plus extra layers of lush stereo voices and whispering.

💎 If you enjoy this theme, check out @VisualSounds1 ASMR as she has made lots of good ones, and I got the idea to use neon glow sticks from one of her vids.

💎 River's Angels
My Tip Jar for those of you who kindly ask to make a contribution.

💎 riverenquiries@gmail.com (professional enquiries only please).

Time Stamps:
00:55 Repairs to Artifice, 3D Android Dialogue
11:23 Cosmic Dust & Quantum Foam Removal - Brushing
17:35 Glow Stick Tingle Shower
18:35 Fine Tuning with Brush, Stick Shower Sounds
20:15 River's World Famous Mirror Touch Technique w/ Spray Shop Repair
21:30 Metallic Fix Tingles
24:10 Nebula Wand Energy Capture- Delicate Visor Repair (amazing trigger for chills)
29:25 Outer Lobe Clarifications to Nova Cells - pipe cleaner
31:20 Tweeze & Extract Energy Mucas Threads
32:23 Crackling Fluorescent Tubing Reattachments

#asmr #alien #relax
Additional graphic imagery videezy.com

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