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Advanced LiFePO4 Cell Balancing Discussion (and how people are getting ripped off)

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Advanced LiFePO4 Cell Balancing Discussion (and how people are getting ripped off)

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I am hoping that this video proves once and for all, that active cell balancers are a joke. And a waste of money. And how people should actually balance their cells. If you want to learn about cell drift, and why active balancing is pointless over the long term, watch this video:

Going by some of the comments below, I have some beginners that are completely lost by this video. The whole point of this video is to show that active cell balancers are pointless for increasing capacity (which has been debated on solar message boards for months now, and it's driving me nuts). And that putting your cells in parallel at the flat part of the SOC curve is pointless for balancing. If this does not make sense to you, you need to watch my beginner videos.

The theory people use for justifying the use of active balancers for increasing capacity: The packs capacity is determined by the lowest capacity cell. If you have an active balancer efficiently charging up the lowest capacity cell while cycling, the LVD and HVD will not be triggered as quickly, and you will get longer run times (theoretically). People use this as the main factor in buying active balancers for mismatched systems. So I did the mismatched cell experiment and found that using active balancers will not increase capacity by much regardless.

Also, if you are a beginner and you do not understand why you need to top vs bottom balance, you really need to stop watching this video and watch my older videos or read some battery books that cover the various applications. THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR YOU.

If you have quality cells that are matched by ir and capacity, you do a solid bottom/top balance, use a quality bms and do not push the thermal limits of your cells, you do NOT need to balance your cells often (or at all. I have run systems without bms for months and they stayed within .01V of each other).

I am seeing a lot of ignorant comments below and I really need people to educate themselves on the basics and why this topic has been debated in battery building groups, and the whole point of my tests.

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